Endeavour Clout 18/19

The Clout is our offering designed to please even the most technical and demanding of riders. Whether you ride 10 days or 180 days a season, the Clout will be your trusty steed and will be there with you to deliver a heavy blow to everything you put in its path. A powerful blend of technology and design results in a package we're proud to put our name on. The Clout has the same versatile, freeride geometry and profile as our Good Wood award winning BOD but gets the volume turned up to 11 once you peel back the lid. Our 3D camber profile combines traditional camber with a subtle 3D nose and tail with raised contacts points that gives stability and performance on hard snow with playfulness and float in soft snow. Dig a little deeper and you'll see our Poplar and Paulownia blended wood core which has been specially selected for its lightweight yet strong properties. This produces a powerful, precise and balanced ride with a consistent and predictable flex pattern. A brand new carbon layup sees 2 parallel beams run to the nose and tail before turning out 45 degrees at the contact points. This provides the Clout with power and pop along its length and rapid edge to edge response when laying it over. New for 1819 is our redesigned Smoothride Sidewall. This builds upon our original award winning technology and helps reduce our overall impact on the environment. A more efficient manufacturing process cuts waste without sacrificing the impact and vibration absorbing properties, helping to provide the smoothest ride possible. Fibreglass layups are also enhanced through the use of tri-axial glass that includes a pre-cured layer above the core for more response and torsional rigidity without adding weight. And of course it's all finished off with the Channel mounting system for infinite stance adjustment.

Price: $454.99 $649.99