2017 Hyperlite Vagabond

The new Hyperlite Vagabond Wakeboard is inspired by pro rider Trever Maur's unique riding experience from the California Delta to countless locations across the globe. The first board to feature full-length Curved Flow Channels, the Vagabond is designed to pull the board's primary edge deeper into the water while approaching the wake, maximizing pop. Plus, its CarboNetX Inlay featuring diagonal woven carbon fibers means the board stores and releases energy consistently throughout the ride. Throw in its durable Biolite 3 Core and classic Monocoque Construction and even though the Hyperlite Vagabond Wakeboard is named after a wanderer, we're certain you'll experience unprecedented control and feel on this one-of-a-kind freeride board.

Price: $374.99 $579.99