2018 Ronix El Von Videl Boys

With the help of Team Stuckey who lead the cable charge of progressive riding at a park, Ronix created this high-end grom electric board. Ronix's El Von Videl Schnook wakeboard features concave bottom tips for effortless ollies and more controlled presses. Designed with the energetic qualities of paulownia wood, the board features a fast, flatter rocker and steeper sidewalls that let the board ride higher with more speed. G&R technology features grip and release channels for all the traction you need, whether you're behind the boat or riding the cables. Increased side-to-side stability allow a rider to control a flick easier at a cable park. Thin profile means you have more feel for consistency on all types of surfaces. Wrapped in grom glass so the younger generation can get their press on at a park.

Price: $329.99 $499.99