2015 Ronix B-Rad Bill

Classic, smooth, progressive freeride arced turns, combined with the stability of a big board, and the swing weight of a small one - the shape that started the camber revolution. At first the bandwagon project started out to answer, how wide is too wide? Wakeboards have been roughly the same width for years. Then what happens if you crank the arc up on the tip and tail reducting the amount of contact with the water. The Bandwagon is the first of its kind where it has nearly 10% more surface area than most other boards, but has nearly 10% less water contact compared to most. The result is a big board, with the largest sweet spot and added stability, but because so much of the board isn't touching the water it rides small with minimalist swing weight. Then the Ronix engineers threw in something they have been experimenting with over the past couple of seasons - camber. Instantly Erick ruck noticed how much more neutrally balanced he had become, aanatomically correct, driving off the wake using his front foot as much as he would his back foot. The Ronix team was freaking out over how much more of a solid drive and added hangtime they were getting - while boosting so much more of a centrally stable position, and feeling the reduced swing weight of a much smaller board. Ride a wakeboard for the first time all over again - with a freeride twist.

Price: $379.99 $599.99