2017 inland Surfer Squirt

What if we told you there is a skim style board that everyone can ride but still has the performance to keep more experienced riders happy?Feast your eyes upon the Inland Surfer 4Skim Squirt Wakesurf Board. A lightweight EPS core infused with WoodLoc technology makes a board that is stiff and reactive. The Squirt is also one of the largest skim boards around, making it a hit for newer riders that need a lil' extra surface area to get out of the water. Once up, the aggressive rails and rear Vortex Channel make handling and spins impeccable, especially when equipped with a single fin. The Inland Surfer 4Skim Squirt Wakesurf Board is a fun, versatile addition to any surf boat.

Price: $749.99 $1059.99